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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I mean I'm sure the people at Marvel know what they are doing, they're pretty much 6 for 6 with producing awesome comic book inspired movies in the MCU while added characters and keeping the fanbase interested. Janet in IM3 is either going to be like Widow in IM2 where she's a supporting character we don't know much about but you can tell she has more to come in the future, or she'll be like Hawkeye in Thor who's kinda just a throwaway character for people to be like: "wow cool it's hawkeye!". I'm assuming she's in more a Black Widow role since more will be coming from her, Hank, and Ultron in Phase2.. plus that scary Thanos fella in the background somewhere
I'm really jumping ahead too much just to show how Wasp could work. There are definitely plans to use her in Avengers 2... I'm just trying to connect a lot of it when really it could be as simple as a cameo for now.
Almost more like Hawkeye than Backwidow, but her presence in the story is more than Hawkeye and has the benefit of being made more clear in the future.

Although it could be like that, I'm thinking she shows up once or twice in the story as a mysterious character but then again in the after credits to explain a tiny bit more about AIM. somethings going on at AIM and maybe we get a reveal like she's spying on a meeting of some sort in miniature form. Maybe at first it's shot from a perspective that makes it look like she's hiding around a corner or something then it reveals that she's in miniature form, and she flies out through a series of vents when Zemo spots her buzzing around revealing who she is and some of Zemo's plan simultaneously.

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