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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

I never found John Ottman's score for X2 bland.It works very well.

As for the X-Men Is unwatchable talk.I'd like to see how marvel studios and Chris Nolan would have done for only 75 million and a rushed schedule.As mark Millar himself said X-men came out three years after the Batman and Robin Fisaco.Just getting X-men Into production was big deal.The fact It was actully good and was a success was icing on the cake.Out of other comic books films apart from the other good X-men films X2 and first Class only Batman Begins,The Dark Knight,and The Avengers has topped It as far as quality and preference In my list.

People need to let Superman go.Those that didn't like Bryan Singer/s sequel to Richard Donnor/Christopher Reeve Superman are getting their reboot.As someone who considers
the original Superman best comic book film ever tied with X2 and dark Knight I don't like what I am seeing from Man of steel trailers.Nor does Zack Snyder's this Is superman like you never seen before comment fill me up with much excitement.A strong concern can be made this Superman Is a bit more too Batmanized.Of course this has been concern since 2008 when wanrer brothers announced next superman would be dark.So Snyder and Chris Nolan may not be all to blame for the batmanized Superman that Is coming off In Man of steel trailers.But,later this year everyone will be able to judge which Superman was better.Donnor/Reeve/Singer's or Syder/Nolan's

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