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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post

Look outside the box. Put things in perspective. Yes, we know that Whedon originally intended for Wasp to be in Avengers 1, but he says he couldn't find a place for her....that means that, even if your "sources" and speculation about this "Waspy" script were right, even Joss thought it was all bull**** and scrapped it from Day One.
Could also be that MARVEL said to scrap it too. I'm sure Joss didn't have both hands on the reins and could do 100% what he wanted, right? Maybe they said Wasp is too early and we need to ease her in later and figure out a way to market things just right so we can push and get the GA more intrigued and anticipate an "Ant-Man" movie. Seeing how most people outside of comic fans have laughed or had a look on their face that says Ant-Man sounds stupid...I see this as a strong possibilty.

The other point to consider is that if/when Janet Van Dyne shows up in the MCU, she will, of necessity, have/need a role in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie. Anything the screenwriter does for Janet in any prior movies (like, per your speculation, IM3 and Avengers 2) would have a great impact on what Wright can or cannot do with the character, then, in *his* movie. Do you really think that Shane Black or Joss Whedon want to step on Edgar Wright's toes and shackle him to THEIR vision for Janet....? I strongly doubt it.
Again...MARVEL is in charge and they know where they want there universe to go and I'm sure they've given Wright freedom but have still given him certain guidelines to follow so his story/script isn't totally separate from the rest of the current MCU. On the other hand "Ant-Man" could be just that and have zero to do with Phase 1, 2, or 3 and be unattached from the current MCU arcs altogether.

And finally, the other point to consider is: is Stephanie Szostak superhero material? Does anybody here really envision Stephanie Szostak as becoming a prime mover in the Avengersverse? Someone whose star power will carry through all the Avengers sequels and Ant-Man? Off of a bit part in IM3? She's hiding her age well, but I've seen her in several movies, and she may be a pretty lady, but she's also a pretty old lady. I'd say she's chasing 40 and catching up to it in a damn quick hurry, if she hasn't already taken the lead.

I strongly doubt Szostak is Marvel's choice for a major Avenger. When Janet Van Dyne *does* enter the MCU, it will be a major role, and it will be very publicly known, because Marvel will go through the same very public auditioning and casting sessions that they've done for all their other lead heroes, up to and including the buzz surrounding casting for Star-Lord and Drax in GOTG right now. Renner and ScarJo are the only major MS superheroes I can think of that amounted to "surprise" announcements; and the surprise there came from the fact that they landed marquee Oscar-caliber players. Szostak, on the other hand, is a Hollywood nobody, comparatively speaking.
You could've arguably said the same for Chris Hemsworth.

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