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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Fox Is unlikely to just turn over X-men to Disney as some advocated.Ok not In X-Men board but go to MIS Marvel films board and you will that.

Did people forget nazis were downplayed In Captain america.Heck the Avengers:EMH show wwII was rewritten as conflict against Hydra.What makes anyone think Dark elements like In DOFP would show up in Disney marvel universe.

At disney we would only get 2 marvel films a year.And X-Men would be treated as second fiddle to Avengers.Hell It might be treat as third tier compared to Avengers and
Spider-Man,which more likely Disney would be more Intrested In getting than X-men

Now DIsney would probally make X-Men as well as SPider-Man more prioritys than other characters they got back.And would be more priority than FF.But X-Men would be completly rebooted and we would get another Spider-Man reboot.

More and More it Is clear MS films are basiclly the ultimate universe crossed with some elements of 616 Universe.This would mean a disney X-Men would mostly be based on Ultimate X-men.and X-Men would have black uniforms again.Plus the lineup would probally be WOlverine,Cyclops,Storm,Colossus,one of eather Beast or Iceman and possibly Marvel Girl(If Emma Frost doesn't take her place) remember the lineup In Avengers Is basiclly the ultimates excluding Wasp and Giant Man/Ant-Man.The Amazing Spider-Man had 616 elements but a disney Spider-Man would probally be entirely
Ultimate Spider-Man.I have had concerns about Mark Millar as fox creative counsalnt due to fact his wrting has mostly been for marvel In the Ultimate Universe.

Some forgot there was marvel comics before ultimae Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men In 2000.

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