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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Exactly. You have to build up the mystery of where he's gone. Give little hints along the way through phase 2. Jan is eventually revealed to be searching for him in this scenario. In one plotline from the comics Egghead is involved with taking revenge on Pym by helping the masters of evil kidnap him.

It could be as simple as AIM or a villain or the masters did something to him... we don't know what... but we get to find out throughout phase 2. Jan has her shrinking powers already if Ant Man occurs in the past and that basic premise is still intact, so little hints to the backstory are given in CA2.
Pym is built up as a character many people are looking for by Avengers 2, but he doesn't even want to be a hero right now. Each need his science skills. He was Ant Man in the past... We meet him during a version of the identity crisis. In this case, past events have forced him to give up the Ant Man persona. Shield knew about this, they made Lang his replacement and Lang is still around.

The Ant Man name wouldn't be something he likes, and jokes would have been made about it at first. Lang embraces the name. Eventually it becomes something he accepts as his responsibility, he has to stop Ultron. Lang is briefly Ant Man in Avengers 2 before he dies. Giant Man has to take back the mantle. Pym isn't Ant Man throughout Avengers 2. He rejects the name the first time we meet him.

Giant Man is the name he uses. The first time we see his superhero persona(s) he's Giant Man, chronologically taking place after the Ant Man movie. Released before the origin.

He's reunited with Jan and they have slightly different powers because she mainly shrinks... Giant Man is a big help in stopping Thanos and defeating Ultron. Pym's origin movie would show him as Ant Man some time before this...

At Lang's funeral Pym looks back on his life as Ant Man and how Lang continued the name. It occurs as an origin as he says goodbye to Lang in the present... part of it in the present at Lang's gravesite. Pym contemplates his first adventure as Ant Man and we're shown the entire thing. In the end he reverts to the Ant Man name to honor Lang, the title of that movie, and the identity he now uses. So we'd meet him as Giant Man first...

She thinks Stark might know something about his disappearance/kidnapping and questions him, knows Stark from the media.

The whole thing behind Fury saying part of a bigger world now and Shield made lots of mistakes, some recent; he's implying that Shield did something that was a little less recent.

also some events have already occurred.
There are in fact other superheros and forces out there they're not aware of yet.
But Fury knows about some of these things.
Thanos comes into it without backstory, we don't need to know his powers and what he's up to yet...

Fury has plenty of secrets. He knows Thor's kind aren't the only ones out there.
He knows much more than he's saying and something happened involving Shield, AIM & Pym in the past

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