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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

Honestly, as long as Hugh Jackman is up for it, I can see him continue playing Wolverine until he's in his early fifties.

And I must admit that it's nice FOX hasn't completely rebooted the franchise. Spidey's already been rebooted, Hulk's been rebooted, Fantastic Four's being rebooted, GR 2 was called a reboot/re-quel , Batman, Superman and finally Daredevil.

X-Men is the longest running franchise which is more or less has been one continuous franchise/universe .

It's also crazy that Hugh Jackman will hold the record for one actor portraying the same comic character for seven films. Who's after him? Patrick Stewart with soon to be five and Christopher Reeve with four?

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