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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
Well...maybe one day...maybe several years from now there will be another good looking guy that might replace Tom of course.
I fully admit that I currently have 3 actors on my 'pedastal of fangirlism' (all 3 bred from the UK at that - seriously need to think about moving there *lol*)...Hiddleston, Cumberbatch and Armitage... I have to say, Armitage has been rapidly creeping up on Hiddleston's top position

I'm thinking I better get some new Loki pics soon or else he's going to be dethroned by a sexy badass dwarf prince (or a tall stern cotton mill master, depending on which role of his I like better on a given day - seriously, I can't stop watching BBC's North & South miniseries - the kiss at the train-station? ) *lol*

I'm such a fangirl

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