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Default Dark Avengers - Blazing Logos

When a dark avenger leaves a blazing logo as warning an omen/calling card. An announcement that he's been there, watching or coming after you.
It's become a common and recognizable trope in movies, but I'm wondering how common?

Here's the ones I could find so far...

Zorro leaves his mark in- Zorro's Fighting Legion (1939)
Lighting up a hill side with a giant "Z' as warning to his enemies he's coming after them, and as a sort of signal for Zorro and the "Legion" to assemble.
(Predates the Bat-Signal.)

The Crow leaves his mark (1994)

The Mask of Zorro leaves his mark (1998). This scene is a straight homage / reminder of the (1939) Zorro's Fighting Legion.
Watch it here -

Also used extensively in the opening credits. And again in The Legend of Zorro (2005) promos -

Dare Devil leaves his mark (2003)

The Punisher leaves his mark (2004)

FF leave their mark (2005) Not really dark avengers, but definitely follows the same trope. (Anyone know when it first appeared in the comic?)

Opening credits a flaming V logo is used. V for Vendetta (2005)
And in the classic scene where he introduces himself to Evey, he slashes a "V" into a street poster, homage to Zorro's classic "Z" mark. -
Towards the end for a different take uses dominoes -
And in the grand finally the fireworks create a giant blazing "V"

In The Dark Knight (2008) they somewhat used the idea for the add campaign and poster.

And finally physically appears full blown in Dark Knight Rises...

Any others ?
Was it in X-Men did Phoenix ever make a flaming symbol? Ghost Rider? Hellboy?

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