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Default Dark Avengers - Blazing Logos

When a dark avenger leaves a blazing logo as warning an omen/calling card. An announcement that he's been there, watching or coming after you.
It's become a common and recognizable trope in movies, but I'm wondering how common?

Here's the ones I could find so far...

(1939) - Zorro leaves his mark in- Zorro's Fighting Legion
Lighting up a hill side with a giant "Z' as warning to his enemies he's coming after them, and as a sort of signal for Zorro and the "Legion" to assemble.
(Proto Bat-Signal?)

(1994) - Used to great effect in the Crow as he leaves his mark

(1998) -The Mask of Zorro leaves his mark . This scene is a straight homage / reminder of the (1939) Zorro's Fighting Legion.

Also used extensively in the opening credits. And again in The Legend of Zorro (2005) promos -

(2003) - Dare Devil leaves his mark

(2004) - The Punisher leaves his rather elaborate mark

(2005) - FF leave their mark Not really dark avengers, but definitely follows the same trope. (Although well established in the comics first, anyone know when it first appeared?)

(2005) - V for Vendetta, - Opening credits a flaming V logo is used.

In the scene where he introduces himself to Evey, he slashes a "V" into a street poster, homage to Zorro's classic "Z" mark. -
And in the grand finally the fireworks create a giant blazing "V"

(2008) - In The Dark Knight they somewhat used the idea for the add campaign and poster.

(2012) - And finally physically appears full blown in Dark Knight Rises...

Any others ?
Was it in X-Men did Phoenix ever make a flaming symbol? Ghost Rider? Hellboy?

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