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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

All this speculation on Szostak, reminds me about those giant metal flying chitauri worms in Avengers. Just like Szostak, we got one brief shot of the thing, and all of a sudden there was talk of Fin Fang Foom and all sorts of crazy theories.

Not to mention the theories we had on the alien force, which was believed to be the Skrulls for close to a year.

I believe that Marvel purposefully place these insignificant scenes in the film knowing that we would scrutinize over every image that was shown in the trailer, as we would consider EVERYTHING that was shown in the trailer to be of significance.

For all we know Szostack could be playing Happy Hoguns wife. He certainly looks like he might be die in this film, she might just be a little upset that IRON MAN couldn't save his own friend, but could easily save the world!!! Lol I'm tired of all these theories...

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