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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
At this point halle berry would probally like to get news for work rather than her personal life.If they want Storm In future fscenes and halle agrees to do It she will be In film.I
don't think disagreements she had with Bryan SInger during X2 filming would cause her not
to be film.
I totally agree!!

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
I doudt any of the actors will confirm anything till Bryan Singer or Fox announces anything.
So truthfully asking actors are waste of time.When Bryan Singer promates Jack The Giant Slayer that will be Ideal time to get those questions In assuming the cast Isn't confirmed
Yeah you're right but I feel that Famke is telling the truth on this occasion. I mean before she was coy about her return and now she is cameoing in The Wolverine, why wouldn't she give another vague answer instead directly denying any involvent. I don't think she's been contacted yet.

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