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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by Aron9692003 View Post
Let me start off by sorry to post so much, just a big Batman fan and like to see others collections. But I haven't posted in awhile, hope everyone's years off to a great start, wanted to share the few things I've gotten here lately..

I only had Bane and Batman as they were all I could find locally from July to Now in stores with the exception of one Alfred. I finally found a Catwoman at TRU, then ordered Raj and John Blake off, went to get Alfred as well but once I added money to my account, he was sold out,however I checked everyday and they got him back in stock a couple weeks later, paid like $13 with shipping. So now I'm just after Commissioner James Gordon, I won't pay $200, wish would get it in or even a local Walmart, if I found a few I would get them all but I'd come on here with them, don't be greedy about it lol $200 when it cost $15. That's like the movie masters batpod I can't find, it sold under $20 but is $200 online.

Haven't gotten the bane vs batman movie masters, figured It may go on sale but I really want to get the TRU trilogy movie masters set, hopefully we will find out a release date sometime soon. Went ahead and picked up the Lego set, fell asleep on release date didn't order it, woke up amazon jumped from $40 to $60 so got on and paid $50 with shipping.

My two tumblers, the big one is marked down to $25 at local walmarts, paid $30 on for the much bigger one and it came with a $10 egift card which I used to put towards the $25 31" batman, he's huge and has only so much articulation but I thought it was badass cause as a kid I had a big Keaton that was half this size but reminds me of it. The Bat I got on clearance at target for $15 and I was at best buy the 26th getting a couple games, waiting in the check out and I spot the bat pod sitting just by itself, was only 11.99. So that's pretty much just what I got in December and early part of this month, I am running out of room however lol.
If anyone can part with the Lego Gordon from the above set, please PM me.

Talavera_Collectibles is asking $200 for Walmart Gordon, but hopefully no one is stupid enough to pay that....

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