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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Well if that's the case, I imagine another trilogy featuring Blake as Batman, confronting the Joker in the third film, and losing the battle with Joker...prompting a return of Bale as Bruce, and HIS final confrontation with the Joker. Perfect ending!

This leaves a potential opening of a third trilogy, featuring an aged Batman in a future Gotham with Blake as Nightwing.
I don't think a whole new trilogy is necessary but 1 or 2 be fine with that.

If Heath was alive (or re-cast in the coming years) and Bale returned, i wouldnt mind that kind of confrontation in film #2.

Blake begins mentoring teenage Dick Grayson inside the Manor/Orphanage and Blake gets killed at the end of that first movie by the Joker, who just escaped. Bruce finds him like 'A Death In The Family'. Bruce comes back to replace Lucius Fox (who retires from Wayne Enterprises) and he continues mentoring and training young Grayson. All of that would be shown in the second movie. Bruce calls Dick "Robin" in honor of John Blake's real name.

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