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Default Re: TDKR SPOILERS (read at your own risk) - Part 5

*sharp intake of breathe*

watched it last night and was excited to see it ..... but terrible i came away from it FRUSTRATED!

a LOT of things were great about it ..... the acting, scenarios, effects and the main storyline was excellent!

but a LOT of things were wrong with it too ..... notably the style of editing they used! now they use it in the previous movies to great effect, but some of the cuts were quite frankly AMATEURISH! especially the cut for the cops being rescued from the tunnel, it simply cuts from the explostion to create the hole in the barracade, to them halfway out already which made it very disconcerting to me! ..... to the fact that the reveal of "the bat" was RUINED by a mid-cut as it came out of the shadows (surprising because the same scenario with the tumbler in BB) ..... but the worst one was the reveal of john blake's "other" name ..... barely felt like a big thing, and could have easily been missed by viewers! add selina kyles entrance on the batpod at the end, she just APPEARS there (and i literally THREW my arms out in frustration at that) and who was that other woman with selina? NO BACK STORY for either her, selina or john blake!

there's also a big problem with key scenes not being DRAMATIC ENOUGH! the plane rescue at the beginning just didn't have enough in it, and at the end i asked myself "is that it?" and the whole "bat break" scene at the end of their fight just fell flat ..... like batman did on the cold hard floor LOL also the THREE month "kayfabe" wait, from when bane takes over gotham and the end in winter? was that a "end of the world" take perhaps?

oh and there's the whole IMAX thing ..... the screen formatting was used to GREAT effect in TRON LEGACY, but used sparingly ..... but the timings in TDKR was almost random and felt like too much of the movie was done like this!

another problem was the multiple story threads ..... perhaps to the writers maybe ..... maybe ..... and that leads to this one ..... like BREAKING DAWN did and TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON should have been, maybe the third and most epic of the trilogy could have been made into TWO parts? to give the above mentioned characters some sort of backstory, and to spread out the story (maybe have bruce getting dumped in the uzbekh prison the end of part one? as we got a tremendous one for bane .....

not bad as in terrible, but trying to fit in such an epic story into even a tad shy of three hours, might have been too much for the creators ..... and the thing to finally break the batmans back!


but the dark knight rises is the WORST of the modern batman movies for me, and that's very dissapointing

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