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Default Re: What Superhero movies would you have these directors make?

Originally Posted by Eddie Dean View Post
Don Siegel's Dredd starring Clint Eastwood
John Carpenter's Ghost Rider starring Kurt Russell
Jean Renoir's Rubrique-à-Brac (I have no idea how this would be made into a movie, but you know)

Howard Hawks
Woody Allen
The Coen Brothers
Jean-Pierre Melville
Otto Preminger
You really surprised me there. I would have gone with Asterix myself. How do you know Rubrique a brac lol (unless you're French maybe)? I grew up on it and love everything Gotlib and of course Goscinny have ever done. Good one!

Ok, let's see.

Howard Hawks' Blueberry
Woody Allen's Plastic Man
The Coen Bros' Popeye
Jean Pierre Melville's Tintin
Otto Preminger's Dick Tracy


Stanley Kubrick
John Ford
Sidney Pollack

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