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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

You'll probably tell from reading this that it's a pro-Robin pitch (and that I've been watching a lot of "Blade Runner" and the Max Max marathons on AMC lately...)

NAME OF 1ST FILM: "The Batman" works for me, although for the first movie in this series "The Adventures Of Batman & Robin" would have a nice pulpish feel to it, too (plus tacking "The Adventures Of" ahead of it might help at least a little bit distinguish it from the memory of Schumacher's train wreck)
SERIES DURATION: However long it can go before turding out, basically.
BAT-SUIT: I'd probably stick with the body armor look, but to an extent that's less pronounced/not as ornate as the later Nolan Batsuits were (seriously, I've seen dozens of manips by folks who desperately want a comics-accurate Batsuit, all-white eyes and all, and not a single one of them has sold me on going in that direction with the suit).
ROBIN PARTICIPATION: Definitely, though the way I'd play it would be that training a partner/sidekick would NOT be Bruce's overall aim...rather, his taking Dick under his wing and training him would have more to do with the fact that Dick would be a witness against his parents' killer, who would be paid up enough with the right people that Dick would be marked for death himself.
JOKER PARTICIPATION: Not initially, or at least not a major role. He'd definitely be around, though, chilling out in Arkham Hannibal Lecter-style a la "Robin: Year One": he'd basically be an 'informant' that Bats has to go to get the skinny on whatever's going down in Gotham when the usual routes of investigation fail, with the Joker baiting him all the way.
GOTHAM CITY: Basically a fractured mirror-image of one of those cities of tomorrow you'd have seen at the World's Fair in decades past - Raygun-Gothic architecture riddled with cracks and bullet holes, flickering neon signs, a hooker on every street corner and chalk outlines on every other block of the sidewalk, overcast in the daytime (no sunlight whatsoever), street gangs in hockey masks and chains and leveling firepower of a kind that would make Gotham's prospects as a home for policemen more appropriate for the likes of Max Rockatansky, Rick Deckard, Alex Murphy or just plain any cop who'd be at home behind the wheel of a supercharged police cruiser with caged windows and ramming bars. VERY dystopic, a broken vision of the future; zeppelins would probably be a little out of place, although giant TV-screen billboards touting new romantic adventures in spots like Corto Maltese might be a little more fitting.
ORIGIN STORY: Not for Batman, no...compress that into flashbacks in the opening credits and we're good IMO, and use the same to recap the events of the previous film similarly for the sequels. First movie would re-touch on Robin's origin, though, a la "Robin's Reckoning".
BATMOBILE: A black scary-looking car. Doesn't necessarily have to be a sleek number with bat fins, nor necessarily as (relatively) clunky and cumbersome as the Tumbler - personally I think it should cut essentially the same presence as Max's Pursuit Special, simple and to the point.
1st MOVIE VILLAINS: Difficult to say. Tony Zucco would obviously be there somewhere as the Graysons' killer, but there'd have to be one of the classic Rogues in on this somewhere, too...Penguin would be Mayor by this point and clearly corrupt to the core. I'd probably prefer to focus on villains who haven't been front and center lately, meaning Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, Bane, Scarecrow and Ra's would probably be sat on at least as major presences. I'd also want to somehow get in the more fantastic rogues via some kind of 'freak-of-the-week' device (probably pulling from my previous Batman live-action TV series idea of having the Joker "born" in a chemical explosion that spilled over into Gotham's water supply) but pepper in mobsters like Thorne and guys like the Crime Doctor. In place of Ra's, Hugo Strange would probably be the major intellectual threat.
DIRECTOR: Dunno. Someone who could channel Ridley Scott in his prime, I suppose.

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