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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

Originally Posted by SpiceyOnion View Post
I'd love to see a very dark grim Gotham. Have it constantly be raining, criminals running the streets, lots of pollution and zeppelins. Something similar to Sin City, Watchmen, or Blade Runner. A very noir-ish tone. Where all the criminals wear fedoras, smoke, and use tommy-guns. Maybe even have it take place in 1940s.

Have a very dark a dingy desaturated Gotham, with bright, eccentric villains to contrast it.
Originally Posted by mr jenzie View Post
keep the realistic tone of the nolan movies, particulary the vehichles

the joker WOULD return ..... but NOT SHOWN on-camera! in THIRD PERSON view!!! with only glimpses of the face / clothes / eyes in reflection!
Originally Posted by Jochimus View Post

GOTHAM CITY: Basically a fractured mirror-image of one of those cities of tomorrow you'd have seen at the World's Fair in decades past - Raygun-Gothic architecture riddled with cracks and bullet holes, flickering neon signs, a hooker on every street corner and chalk outlines on every other block of the sidewalk, overcast in the daytime (no sunlight whatsoever), street gangs in hockey masks and chains and leveling firepower of a kind that would make Gotham's prospects as a home for policemen more appropriate for the likes of Max Rockatansky, Rick Deckard, Alex Murphy or just plain any cop who'd be at home behind the wheel of a supercharged police cruiser with caged windows and ramming bars. VERY dystopic, a broken vision of the future; zeppelins would probably be a little out of place, although giant TV-screen billboards touting new romantic adventures in spots like Corto Maltese might be a little more fitting.
some great shouts here. i'm pretty much 99% agreed with these.

keep gotham very dystopic, overcast in the day, pollution, smoke, villians in hockey masks prowling around the streets, raining for the most part. some great ideas there. i'd definitely have zeppelins in it. i'd maybe have police sirens/generic noises constantly in the background as well just to really add to the tone of a dark, dingy crime-filled gotham.

would love the film to be noir-ish. not to the extent sin city is but not too far short of it either i'd say.

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