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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Moridin View Post
You mean the previous movies where she was seconds from certain death, only for Stark to swoop in and save her just in the nick of time? Those previous movies?
She still managed without armour, which is an undeniable fact. How that is suddenly not the case, I don't know. They must have released a director's cut I'm not aware of.

And who saved who in IM1 exactly? If Tony had saved her, wouldn't she then be somewhere safe rather than still close to the fight? From what I recall she was still there at the fight and even managed to finish off Stane (at Tony's instruction). Plus earlier she had went into the lion's den essentially to hack Stane's computer. Not to mention the Monaco scene where it was Pepper and Happy that saved Tony (even if they did put themselves in danger as well).

Some of you are acting like the villain simply comes to kidnap her and tie her up in his hidden lair while twirling his mustache. My point is that, even though Tony has at times showed up to save her, she has still shown herself to be capable in a number of situations and that the Rescue armour is undeniably not needed.

Originally Posted by Just one more View Post
Please show me where I have been arguing this because it "would look cool". That is absolute crap. Since you agree Cherokee, please also provide examples.
Specifically, no. However, your insistence that she suit up doesn't have anything to do with her character, so it doesn't leave much left than it being simply because you want to see it. You insisting that it's logical for Tony to make her a suit doesn't make it so.

Originally Posted by Just one more View Post
I could quote myself where I have been arguing for the logical behaviour of Tony to create something to protect "the one thing I can't live without".
You're taking one line in the trailer and applying it to an idea you want to see while dismissing all other possibilities of what that could mean. The trailer does also show the armour possibly attacking her directly after that quote you keep coming back to (if that is not a dream sequence). Somehow I find it difficult she'd be keen to be in one after that.

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