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Default Re: Abombmination early concept

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
The movie version definitely made more sense, visualizing it - all I could think of was, why does he look so different from Hulk? At least here there's some elements that are the same. Deformed human type shapes. Here it's deformed human and giant fish. While it works in comics, it just raises too many questions of why they're so different. And in regards to the second and third, the film seems to take it much further and just looks cooler.
While I understand what you say.
I have to disagree I don't think the Fish look brings up any more questions the his Iguanna look he had in the movie.

Originally Posted by webhead731 View Post
I liked his movie look. The bones were a great add-on.
He looked like Doomsday.
He is not doomsday he is Abombmination at the least if they did not want to go with the comic version then they should have gone with some extremly deformed creature.
Not Doomsday.
He looked like the Love child of Doomsday and an Iguanna.
Better yet he looked like the love child of Doomsday and the 1998 Godzilla.

Can't you just see him saying "Is that All you've Got!"

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