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Default > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

Hi all X-men fanatics

Take this topic as a game with four rules, if you want it. With the following:

Rule 1: Post your list first
Rule 2: Discuss later, lol (either your vission, other users one, or both)
Rule 3: The list must cover this timeslot: 2014-2022, as the tittle says.
Rule 4: your list must include both XMen and F4 movies.

Take this as a help


2014: X-Men: Days of future past
2015: Fantastic Four Reborn


About rule 2, I mean, of course you can discuss someone else vission/list first lol, but the main reason of this topic is to share as many lists as possible, and a bit less discussion, to make it a bit funnier

about rule 4, since Fox owns two Marvel properties, this is a key factor, since this leads to Foxs money and budgets for these adaptations, so we should think about how Fox could handle the sequels to both franchises during upcoming years, will they alternate franchises each year? or that could change?... so lets think about that.

We have already discussed all the possibilities, First Class sequels, X4 and 5, x-men spin-offs, a crossover with two franchises..... so dont miss any of these possibilities.

And of course, lets take into account ALL factors: money, actors, casts, time gap, competition, passage of time...... all of it.

Think about all of this taking your time, and once you elaborate your list, share it with all of us, while enjoying other users vission.

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