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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

The Avengers was bound to hit at least 300 Million domesticly due to Robert Downey JR as Tony Start.Now you had the added fact of seein Downey with Cap,Thor,and Hulk.The WOlverine doing less than Origins would be bad sign.I don't think that will happen.Without 3-d Hugh Jackman was able to get origins to 179 million domesticly and 193 Million
overseas(This Is without adjusting for Infliration) and sorry Deadpool fans they were going to orgins to see hugh as Wolverine.

What Days of future past has going for It as event

1:Bryan SInger's return to director chair.The only one who has directed more than 1 film.
The director who started series,directed what some think was best X-men film(X2) and who revived the genre with X-Men after Batman & Robin fiasco
2:Based on one of top X-Men storylines ever.
3:It's the X-Men meets Terminator as mark Millar has called It(and post apocalypic future with killer robots and time travel to change past predates The first Terminator)
4:It has cast of both X-Men trilogy and First Class(although any contact between 2
casts we don't know about yet)
5:We get Sentinles onscreen(and not just head like In Danger room scene In Last Stand)

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