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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

about your first point about XO Wolverine, it wasnt just a Wolverine movie, some fans really avoid the reality, it was a Wolverine movie with some XMEN on it, even if they were new actors. Having loooooooooooong awaited Gambit, Deadpool, young Cyclops and Emma on it isnt a poor factor. Some fans try hard to deffend that, but Fox even called the movie 'XMEN Origins: Wolverine" and they made sure the marketing promote these x-men, more Deadpool, who curiously was played by a known actor like Ryan Reinolds.

It wasnt just a Hugh Jackman movie, but if you want to put all the merit on him, ok, thats your vission, and it wont change, so fine.

about your last point about DOFP strong factors, totally agree. This is a big movie for Fox and many fans will be surprised with its worlwide impact. as Ive said, only time will tell. This will do much much more than X3, we can be sure about it.

I just cant wait for July 2014 to see the very first results

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