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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
One thing about I am curious about Jett -- he wasn't always like this. He was once an enthusiastic Bat fan who liked to see its cinematic career revived like you and me. Certain circumstances slowly led to him becoming an optimistic supporter of Nolan, to an unabashed lover of his films, and then to a near militant defender of his work (beyond any shame or show of hypocriticism), or at least his Batman work (does he like any other Nolan?). Now that Nolan's trilogy is over, now that a newer version of Nolan free Batman is looming on the horizon, will Jett ease off on his Nolan trance? Will he slowly concede that Nolan's Batman isn't the end all be all of (Bat) cinema and give the new films a chance, or will he refuse to even give it credit because it's not Nolan's Batman? Will old Jett the Batfan beat out Jett the religious Nolanite that he later became? Reversing his character development back to just a Batfan? I wonder.
In my honest appraisal, I think he will be supportive of the next Bat-filmmaker as long as they approach the material with the right reverence. He has stated multiple times now that now that Nolan's series is over, he's going to get back in touch with the "roots" of BOF. and just lobby for more good films. More good Batman films is in his best interest (more traffic for his site, premieres, press events etc.), so he'd be shooting himself in the foot to root against them. He already seems to be slowly easing on his anti-Justice League stance now that the film has become an inevitability.

I wouldn't be surprised if he continues to review Nolan's movies though, as he is definitely a fan of his other work.

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