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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

Part of motatian for having teenage Cyclops and other teenage mutants(Including who was originally suspose to be Emma Frost) and be found by Xavier were to help set u the pre Bryan Singer version of First Class.They even hard Gambit and Deadpool to set up seperate solo films.That was part of problem with origins.They were adding too much.With The Wolverine they have learned.Besides the possable cameo by Famke Janssen all characters are ones that should be there from the Japanese storyline.

We know the WOlverine will tie to DOFP In some way we just don't know how but It seems from way they are talking to be something at end of film.That Is pure speculation
but It seems possable based on what has been said.

If the Famke Janssen cameo turns out to be In film I am skeptical there will be a resurrection of Jean.Most assumed Liem Neeson's appearance In Dark Knight rises
would be flashback with him and Tom hardy or him and Marion Cotillard.It turned out to be hallunication of Christin bale.That expercence just leads me to believe It will be
something similar here.We likely won't know till press screenings In summer.

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