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Default Re: Superboy 2nd season

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I just finished going through Season 2,and I was wondering why didn't they call gilbert gottfried"s character "Toyman" instead of "Nick Knack",as the character clearly seems to be a variation on the Toyman character.Was there some kind of rights issue?

Sherman Howard goes down as the most insane Luthor of all time! (He'd have made a heck of a Joker back then!)

I always found the choice of actor for Metallo an interesting one.It's like he was the Jackie Gleason of villians.
The Nick Nack episodes I could never watch all the way through, they were just too goofy for me.

I love Sherman Howard, infact other than Michael Rosenbaum he's my favourite TV Lex Luthor.

Yeah I agree on Mettallo, you know one thing I love how well they nailed his creation it was straight out of the comics. Infact I think Superboy was very close to the comic and they got Bizzaro spot on. I wish the show had gotten one more season, it's one of the forgotten greats in terms if superhero shows.

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