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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

Whatever the case, I don't want another plot like he's going to poison people...I consider that one of his off days

What I've learned from TDK, The Killing Joke, Arkham Aylum:ASHOASE, Lovers and Madmen, Brian Azzarello's Joker is that his existence is tied to causing chaos and madness.

Joker was turned mad by his philosophy on life...that EVERYTHING is a joke. Life is a joke, death is a joke, law and order is a joke, the Bible is a joke, existence itself is a joke. Just imagine we're all in a soap opera and we're unaware of it...Joker has stepped outside that show and realised how absurd we are inside it. To him, he is the sane one...and that only comes from the release due to madness. Once we go insane, only then do we have our eyes opened to the 'truth' like his are.
And from madness, evil can occur...and Joker has embraced that...he's the true form of human existence, at least in his twisted mind. Everything that is good is a lie, and everything that is evil is funny, and the truth. Because insanity and evil is just under the lie of the human soul that embraces order and good - a false and absurd notion...if Joker can eradicate that from people, then he can open their eyes to the abusrdity of law and order and the existence of life...and then we can all act like the clowns we truly are and laugh together with him.

Why does he go after Batman? Because Batman is a representation of the unshakable force of law and order and a belief system of harmony. But what infuriates Joker more is that, Batman borders on the line of madness, but will never cross it. Joker doesn't want to think Batman is the representation of all humanity, because if that's the limit, then no one will be like him...
Joker thinks if he can turn Batman insane, then he can do it to anybody.

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