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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

You do realize adding bunch of new characters In future means less returing vets for future.In past to have any new X-Men would mean that person's introduction would be key plot point like Nightcrawler In X2 and Angel(Important to plot of 3 even though he was only in 4 scenes) In Last Stand.

Many here advocated being like the avengers.They mostly used characters from pevious 5 marvel studios films besides Maria Hill,a token characterless alien army(which you could compare to sentinels here) and Thanos cameo.

You have 4 confirmed First Class returning characters.If Banshee and havok return that Is 6.If azarel and Emma are back that Is 8.If they bring back Angel salvadore and riptide
to do magneto's bidding that Is 10.Now If you drop theose 2 you will need a new villain among brotherhood.If you Include Moira that Is 11.Plus add target of assassination and you 12 poential characerts In first CLass part of film alone.Now add WOlverine to fuutre and that Is 13 characters.Plus you have older versions of Xavier,Magneto,and possiblly
Mystique as well.Plus you may 2 characters from original trilogy only In future part.That poentially brings up to 15+Sentinles.That would be more characters than In the avengers.6 avengers(Iron Man,cap,Hulk,Thor,Black Widow,hawkeye) 3 from Shiield(Nick fury,Maria hill,Coulson) Loki,Selvig,and peper cameo brouht It to 12.If there are 7 returing actors In future that would bring It to 16.Now they might drop Angel and riptide for a new henchman and also drop Moira from film.They could have a new mutant or 2 In cameos In future but with a possable large returning cast they aren't going to be able to flood the film with new characters and give returing cast members focus and stuff to do.This Isn't lord or the rings or hobbit with a 2 hour and 40 mintutes to 3 hour running time.We will be lucky If we get without counting credits 2 full hours.

Bishop or Cable would take attention away from returning cast members.Rachel Summers Is unlikely.If you have Polaris In fuutre you can never have her with havok In any future first Class era sequel.Maybe you could have brief appearance by forge If there Is physical time travel.You could tie to FF by having franklin Richards cameo.But then some here would complain about using him and not Rachel.

Returning cast from first Class and trilogy Is a pretty large cast.And I doudt next announcement would be for cameo.We don't need Last stand or origins problems with just adding bunch load of characters.

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