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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
All I gotta say about Mangold's quote is DAMN. He gets it.
Y,I like what he said here:

Are there any other pitfalls you feel comic book movies fall into?
A fantasy film is often improved by some kind of human reality. What makes them hard to sit through is that the modern-day tentpole film has become a lot of fast cutting and an incredible amount of money spent generating effects. What are we left with? Were left with what we see a kind of inundation, a head-banging barrage in which they keep turning the volume up on the mix, and flying things at you faster in the hope that it keeps you in your seat. For me, the idea of making a film with hardcore action, with physical action like I grew up reading in the comic books, but also with a heart and this character has great heart to me, its no different from making a western. Or a cop film.

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