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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Personally, sure.

Realistically, no. TDKR at least made better rating scores than BB and no one can say that about any other third installment on this poll with having higher scores than any of their respective previous films in their franchises.
Who's talking about ratings?

Doc Ock said Blade III was a joke compared to the first two (personal opinion) then you agreed and also added that all of the other entries on the poll bar TDKR were a joke compared to their previous films as well (also personal opinion). I too then agreed, and added TDKR to that list (as you so aptly pointed out, personal opinion). You see a trend here? We're all offering personal opinion, nothing more.

Now you're talking about "rating scores" out of the blue, even going so far as to say that your "point still stands" when several other posters said they preferred the previous Batman films to TDKR. What point? That somehow the magical "rating scores" counter everyone's personal opinion? The ratings don't mean anything, the ratings can't vote in this poll and the ratings can't have a discussion in this thread. All that counts here, all that ever counted since the first post, was personal opinion.

If you want to talk realism, it's not like the people who don't like TDKR don't know it's a popular movie.

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