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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Why do you care?

For the record, we have had people come here and post things that seemed farfetched but later panned out completely. The most notable was Jordanstine, who gave a complete summary of The Avengers, including descriptions of the leviathans, months before the film premiered. Plenty of people dismissed what he had to say, to the point that he eventually left, but he was right and gave info that would have been interesting if anyone had listened.

Do some people come here and post nonsense? Yes. But a lot of speculation ends up being wrong when all is said and done. All we're doing here, as fans, is spinning theories and discussing the movie. It's all in fun, or at least it should be.
I don't particularly. People were just discussing LokiD as being either way off the mark or being a poster with an inside source. I then saw he posted about the avengers in the same vein as he is now posting about IM3 and thought, hey, hindsight is 20/20, maybe bringing up his past inaccuracies/accuracies would be relevant.

I'm not here to offend anyone, partly because I've read these boards for a while now and there's actually nice, intelligent people posting (unlike IMDB)

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