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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Know One View Post
Worst show ever - I'm sorry - I forget the title here was when Clark & Lana "have" a baby who groes older every hour or so. This was an old plot from Space 1999 and also from Star Trek tng (Deana Troy, anyone?) and probably other sci-fi shows...
Sort of a delayed response but you are referring to Season 4's Ageless

Ironically I think Ageless tried to rip off the ending of you favorite episode Ryan(ie the hot air balloon scene, in Ageless Lana took the kid up to a windmill just before he exploded because he wanted to see a windmill like Ryan wanted to ride a hot air balloon). In general Ageless had the exploding kid relive a few Smallville moments which just came off awkward and unintentionally funny

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