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Default Re: What villains are left for a 4th film?

Originally Posted by Avangarde View Post
Galvatron doesn't need to be reborn from Megatron, just introduce him as a separate entity. He can be Unicrons harbinger, if Bay was smart he could look at the big picture and plan a head for this new trilogy, leading up to the grand finale of Unicron in movie 6.
Thats true, in the more recent comics Galvatron and Megatron existed as seperate entities when Galvatron was following Nemesis Prime, they could easily follow this route in the movie and have it build up to Unicron.

Originally Posted by Fading View Post
Personally, I wouldn't have killed off Shockwave in 3. He's been shown to be every bit as much of a villain as Megatron in other Transformer mediums. They could have introduced Ultra Magnus in 4 as the leader of a group of autobot survivors, and Shockwave as a leader of a decepticon army. Shockwave heads to Earth after losing contact with Megatron, and is the villain for 1 movie.

I wonder if they do end up bringing in Galvatron, if they'll give him Cyclonus, and Scourge as minions. Given that all of Megatron's top soldiers died, they need to fill some empty spaces, not just Megatron's.
Shockwave should never have been killed off, what a waste of an awesome character and potentially superb villain. They should have just used another character in his place as Shockwave, one of the best villains in TF lore, was just simply wasted.

Although there are still other villains they can use, Thunderwing and Sixshot come to mind.

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