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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

1. TDKR - in it's own way, just as good as the first two. The villans are as fully realised as the previous efforts, and the mix of DKR and KF is a very welcome storyline(haven't read NML).

2. Spider-man 3 - a bit wonky sometimes, but the action is still up there with the best superpowered flicks(on a par with Avengers imo, esp the Pete/Harry fight).

3. Batman Forever - a very good Batman and Robin film, Kilmer and O'Donnel mesh very well together, with some ideas from the comics well integrated into the script. Two-Face could have been far better realised, but he does have his moments.

4. X-Men 3 - Ratner did well under the conditions he was given, time and actors available, but this still feels like 2/3 of a movie. Mind you, it could have been much worse.

5. Superman III - once you get past the depressing fact we only got two Chris Reeve classics, this can be very enjoyable to watch, by way of the curiosity value. In a way, I am very glad that we have this weird time capsule of a film, ie dated as soon as it was made due to it's reliance on the new fad of the public's interest in, and naivety about the power of, computers, along with Richard Pryor's co-lead. It is a bizarre f*** up of slapstick superheroics(albiet with some sound sober dramatic scenes here and there), wouldn't you have wanted to travel to a paralell universe to go see this flick if you had read about it being proposed as is, if it had never been made? (like the Burton Superman?)

6. Blade Trinity - It is not as bad as folk say, it has some good action, but the second Blade flick was not that great either imo, too claustrophobic by staying in the vamp world, at least this one has Blader interacting with the world at large again. It is a real shame they did not stick with the 'cops after Blade' plot throughout the film.

7. Superman Returns - Well made, but kind of depressing to watch, due to it being an echo of the past glories of much more enjoyable films.

8. Robocop 3 - the only bit i like about this film is when Robo shows up at the end on the jet-pack, that is a great punch the air moment.

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