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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post

Edgar Wright: "Hi! I'm Edgar Wright, and I've got this nifty new film I've been passionate about making for the past seven years called 'Ant-Man...'"
Shane Black: "Yeah, that's great. Hey, Eddie, I want to borrow your main characters for Iron Man 3."
EW: "....What?"
SB: "Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. I want to introduce them in IM3."
EW: "...But....I dunno....what do they have to do with Iron Man....?"
SB: "Nothing. But I want to use them to introduce Ultron."
EW: "Ultron, too?!? But...but....I wanted to introduce him as my main villain...."
SB: "Thanks, I knew you'd understand."
EW: "I just don't understand how a fashion designer like Jan...."
SB: "Oh, she's not a fashion designer anymore. She's a spy who's infiltrated AIM."
EW: "AIM?!?! But....they're bad guys...."
SB: "I know that, Eddie. Trust me. Oh, and she beats up Tony Stark in my movie. I'm going to send you pictures of the girl I's that French chick who was in 'Dinner for Schmucks...'"
EW: "....**** this. I'm outta here." *klick*
But just WHAT IF...MARVEL wants to do just that?

What if Szostak's role is so small(like that scene alone) but it plants curiosity? Then something is mentioned in CA2 and then leads to their appearance in A2. I see that some may say they don't have to or what's the point, we know them and they'd do just fine showing up for the first time in A2. What if MARVEL feels they'll have a bigger payoff if they subtley thread something. Peaking interest or curiosity as to what's going on with that or what really happened in the past?

I've said this over and over but a lot of people laugh at the idea of an ANT-MAN movie or have never heard of him or think it would be a goofy movie and wonder if it can be pulled off effectively. If ANT-MAN is in the past then it maybe would cause greater anticipation of ANT-MAN for the GA.

If this happens though on whatever level will people be ticked off? I don't think if they do this that it will be done so "thrown in there" like IM2. I think if it happens that it wouldn't even seem relevant until closer to or even in CA2 or even A2. Then people might be like.."ah, I see, hmm, what really happened in the past, what's going on or what is this leading to?" Even more so if there are just hints to Ultron and he doesn't appear until Phase 3 after he's better explained in the ANT-MAN movie.

EDIT: I wanted to add that Janet was a fashion designer but IRON MAN 3 is present day and the ANT-MAN will be the past. If indeed ANT-MAN is a prequel movie. If it's not then I guess it could seem stupid.

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