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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Exactly. Trolls who claim to know secrets and inside info about a hyped film are a dime a dozen on these boards; they get off on this stuff.

The thing I always ask myself about "deep throat top secret inside sources" is: why the hell would they be giving this information to some schmucks like us on a fan forum, instead of to a *real* media outlet where they could, you know, actually make money on this and have a real impact with their leaks?

Understood; but how would a webcam meeting like that go, exactly....?

Edgar Wright: "Hi! I'm Edgar Wright, and I've got this nifty new film I've been passionate about making for the past seven years called 'Ant-Man...'"
Shane Black: "Yeah, that's great. Hey, Eddie, I want to borrow your main characters for Iron Man 3."
EW: "....What?"
SB: "Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. I want to introduce them in IM3."
EW: "...But....I dunno....what do they have to do with Iron Man....?"
SB: "Nothing. But I want to use them to introduce Ultron."
EW: "Ultron, too?!? But...but....I wanted to introduce him as my main villain...."
SB: "Thanks, I knew you'd understand."
EW: "I just don't understand how a fashion designer like Jan...."
SB: "Oh, she's not a fashion designer anymore. She's a spy who's infiltrated AIM."
EW: "AIM?!?! But....they're bad guys...."
SB: "I know that, Eddie. Trust me. Oh, and she beats up Tony Stark in my movie. I'm going to send you pictures of the girl I's that French chick who was in 'Dinner for Schmucks...'"
EW: "....**** this. I'm outta here." *klick*
... dude you do realize businesses and the film industry use webcam meetings, phone meetings, and send script ideas to each other by both email and snailmail every day right?????????????????? lol it's not exactly rocket science.

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