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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
.... the whole concept of the MCU is "outside of the box".................
That's the *biggest* "inside the box" there is: the whole point was to recreate a shared universe, just like in the comics.

that being said...

Hank and Jan are two marvel characters who've truly never been able to support there own books.... they have a simple origin that's been done to death... with the likes of Hulk/Fantastic Four/Spider-Man etc... these are two characters who actually would BENEFIT from a slight twist to there story...
Wait....what? How is Pym and Janet's story *anything* like the "accidental radiation" origin story? Pym discovered Pym Particles himself, and voluntarily shrank himself into a micro-hero, and then agreed to do the same to Janet to help her track down and kill an alien who killed her father. That's about as far from "simple" and "done to death" as it gets.

Imagine... Pym's life long work was taken away from him by SHIELD... and in order to save his work.. he uses it on himself, and escapes. When he's found again, AIM offers him a job (no one knows AIM is bad), to jump start his work.. He then learns he's working for the bad guy and is trying to use his abilities for evil... so he tries to take them down.

Wright already mentioned ANT-MAN will be sorta a spy/espionage film... that's not exactly like Hank and Jan in the books either... and with that description in mind... it actually fits what i'm trying to speculate.
I'll grant you that Wright has been trying to make his Ant-Man film more of an espionage story; but that's also with the understanding that the titular character there has always been *Scott Lang* instead of Hank Pym. Truth is, until we get more solid info on Wright's approach to the story, there's really no telling what he wants to do with this.

But one way they *could* connect Pym to Stark is to make Extremis some variant of Pym Particles instead of nanotech, I suppose. But that would tend to make Pym the inventor of Extremis instead of Killian.....and I strongly doubt *that's* going to happen, given what we know of IM3.


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