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Default Re: What's your Batman Reboot?

This is very question I was thinking about as I walked home from work today

If I were to reboot I'd start it off with the scene of Bruce Wayne's parents been murdered with a voice over from adult Bruce Wayne. Have him say something about not letting this happen to anyone ever again etc etc with him saying something about justice then the music hits with the title THE BATMAN. I'd have the film be a few months into his career as Batman, he's trying to find Joe Chill and I'd have the main antagonist be the Penguin or the Riddler. The police wouldn't yet be on his side either, he'd be abit of an urban legend but the more he reveals himself the police would go after him. By the end he'd if course find the trust of Gordon but not others like Sgt Bullock. In the film aswell I'd introduce Hugo Strange but not as a major role, just enough if a part so people remember him and he would be the antagonist in a sequel.

If WBs were insistent on linking it to Justice League and wanted Superman to appear with this film been released before JL. I'd have Superman come in for 10-15 mins in the middle of the film, maybe he comes to bring the Batman in but soon realises Batman is on the right side of the law. I'd then have him come back near the end maybe to save Batman from a fall or something (this could be linked by having Batman say he needs a favour from Superman, which is revealed at the end. Then maybe have them speak at the final scene about working together in future, leading into Justice League.

The tone of the film would be like Under the Red Hood very dark but not as 'realistic' as Nolan's Batman but not as fantastical as Burton's Batman. It'd still maintain a realistic look but just have that comic book style to it so that it still has that fun factor.

Characters involved:

Bruce Wayne/Batman
Commissioner Gordon
Sgt Bullock
Vicky Vale (love interest - who investigates the Batman sightings)
Hugo Strange (small role)
Edward Nygma/the Riddler
Superman (if they want to link it to Justice League)

Plus others but they'd just be cops etc

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