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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

Originally Posted by JaD View Post
I think I look at the scene a little differently and not as harshly as him, but I still kinda see where that criticism comes from.
I can't recall ever having a problem with this in his batman films.

Originally Posted by CuppaJoe07 View Post
Yeah, I don't think the Juno Temple thing or Selena's decision was a flaw, nor do Nolan's montages bother me. It works for the films. Well, at least for me they do, and I think they are used appropriately when I hadn't really thought more character development was necessarily needed, however I will agree that there could have been more of the riots in Gotham, but I'll just blame it to possibly being trimmed down too much (has anyone read the script? Are there more scenes with Bane's Gotham?). I just don't think it's really needed to spend more time on those moments, so I won't truncate it to any "rules of filmmaking" (my rule to filmmaking - there are no rules to filmmaking. What the director wants, he gets, so technically every film is perfect as long as the director is 100% satisfied. it's just a matter of wether or not the audience likes or dislikes it. But hey, that's just my bizarre view on art in general.)
That is not a bizarre attitude, it's called, 'You need to know the rules before you can break them.' Salvidor Dali said this about his abstract work, you're only going to be a master of the abstract if you learn the rules of life first.

Yep. And that's one of my favorite moments of the film because it is played out so well. My only issue is that there isn't one mention of his parents in TDK.
I don't know, in a way it's good that the first movie dealt with that, so then we can get to the rest of the batman mythos, after all we only so many hours to deal with.
It's different from Spider-man, because his actions played a part in Ben's death, as he still had issues to resolve with Aunt May, so they had to reference that in SM2, although they pushed it too far by bringing that back in for the third film.

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