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Default Re: What's your Batman Reboot?

I'd have the first film taking place over several months with one of the villains tying back to his origin.

I'd have Bruce already beginning to establish himself as a vigilante. Initially, he'd be trying to be a James Bond-ish type. Using his fortune to amass very high tech toys to disguise his identity while he infilitrates gangs and basically performs one man sting operations.

While this would work on a small scale he is barely making a dent in the organised crime of Gotham. This leads him to adopt something more extreme. A symbol of terror, who can operate more freely, more directly, but utilising more clandestine methods. The creation of a modern day myth: The Batman.

As time progresses, Bruce would go up against a foe threatening either him personally or Gotham, as well as another villain who is a familiar face from Bruce's past, from his training. After defeating the villains (as of now, I'm not terribly bothered) along with the help of Jim Gordon. He is begrudgingly trusted, now that this legend has permeated all of Gotham's society. So much so that a signal is unveiled, that no matter how dark the night, there is nowhere to hide, the dark is no longer safe. Batman is everywhere. The idea of Batman is promoted actively to fight the idea of crime.

Across the city we see three boys (one stopping a mugging in a circus, another preventing a store robbery and another foiling a teacher's embezzlement) actively seeing the beacon lit up. All of them being inspired.

Subplots to this first film would be Alfred's pain over feeling he lost Bruce (he would also continually be hounded by insurance companies to declare Bruce dead so they could sell the Wayne possessions). This would be the first flashback. The night Bruce returns.

Bruce would be seen before he leaves Gotham actively hunting down the killer of his parents over a course of years, when he finds the answer unsatisfactory, he is enlightened to the true threats to Gotham. Also, his Sensei would have been killed by someone he openly trusted and disobeyed his master for, solidifying his cold, hard demeanour.

Gordon would be an honest cop, but he has been worn down by Gotham, he just cannot take it much longer, he's on the end of his rope knowing that the rot in the city runs through to the top. He endorses Batman in the GCPD hoping he can do at least some good.

Over the course of a series, Bruce would become more like the Batman of the modern age, with his extensive "family", more like a Batman of Arthurian legend, who raises the standard of the Bat against evil, as opposed to the solitary figure.

The second film would take place several years later and would be about Jason Todd's return from the grave. Dick and Tim would already be established as Nightwing and Robin, respectively. Doctor Simon Hurt would be introduced as someone who Gordon recommends to allow Batman to "grieve". One thing I would love to see transpire would a Knightfall/Teen Titans scene between Tim and Jason. In that Jason just walks right into the house, not being recognised as an enemy, and has the Teen Titans confrontation with Tim, but being far more brutal.

The third film would, given the above, be loosely based upon Batman: RIP, perhaps a little bit of Court of Owls (not called that though)/ Tommy Jr. mixed in.

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