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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

I'm not too keen on Jan being a spy and working for AIM. I like the idea that she's a philanthropist from a super rich family. She's like Paris Hilton but with class. She doesn't come into her own until she becomes a superhero. In relation to the rest of the MCU, it would be a fresh aspect to a superhero, instead of having everyone tied into SHIELD. In fact, it would be refreshing to have an outsider introduced to SHIELD and superhero-ing and actually be floored by the whole thing. I supposed she could be a celebrity by day while actually being a SHIELD agent. I just think they'd risk losing a special spark for her to be an outsider, if they make her a spy or yet another scientist.

Regarding Loki's theories...I think they're way too complicated to actually be part of the MCU. So far, all of the MCU movies have had relatively thin plots. They're fun movies but obviously focus on character vs plot. Having a multi-film storyline throughout all the Phase 2 films which involves numerous villains and time travel/multiple dimensions is just too much and doesn't really seem to jive with how they stumbled through Phase 1.

I'm not trying to insult Phase 1 btw. I like all the films. There just isn't much of a throughline between the films. Other than the presence of SHIELD, and it's pretty much shoved into the films. There's certainly room for improvement in Phase 2 and its build-up to Avengers 2. Especially since they've hired Josh Whedon to essentially do so. I just don't see there being such a complicated plot for Avengers 2.

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