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Default Re: Who will be the first superhero to die on film?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Agreed about Comedian
Yeah, until you guys brought him up i totally forgot he shot his pregnant girlfriend and tried to rape a female superhero. holy crap i was gonna dress up as him for halloween as well, buy a cigar and everythin, but i don't want the good townsfolk following me down the street shouting 'represhensible sh**tey man, don't give him any humbugs!'
But i have to say, that bit where he punches the woman with the anti-superhero placard is a good laugh. c'mon, don't be sexist.

Are V and Zorro even known as "superheroes" though?
They might dress up in capes and masks, but are not included in the general superhero pantheon because they, in fact, wear hats. Don't ask me why but if you wear a hat you can't be known in the superhero dictionary as a superhero. Maybe it is because people assume they are cowards to show their bald patches or something, dunno, are they in fact a pair of baldies?

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