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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Its 616 and AOA. X Men comics are great right now.

A. I expect Cyclops to be fixed at the end of DOFP in some way.
B. In no way do I think an AOA movie wil be comic accurate. Not saying thinngs will or wont happen but Im sure Alt universes will be a huge part of Future X Films.
C. I disagree 100% about SS.

I dont think Fox will come close to what I put down, just what I want to see. Until I know how DOFP ends its all guessing with no evidence on what may happen at this point X Men wise.
After what you posted I looked up Uncanny X-Force.It would be opportunity for me wolverine.It would be Intresting to actuully put Deadpool on a X Team.

The best way to AoA on screen would be time traveler returns to future at end of DOFP to discover the future with sentinles has been prevented but now an age of Apocaypse has come.That gives you another film of showing this alternate world and time traveler(In place of Bishop) trying to restore
the timeline.One change will be No magneto.I am fairly certin Ian Mckellen's last film as Magneto will be DOFP.Now Patrick Stewert could do more after DOFP since Xavier Is In Wheelcahir.And possabilty could be Cyclops In place of Magneto as leader of aoa X-Men

A Silver srfer solo film could focus on his origin,and time before they would do a new Galactus arrival on Earth.

Once more details are known about DOFP It will be easier to specuate.

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