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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Eros View Post
Incorrect, you cant fix a city in one night, it took years for the cops and the outlandish "dent act" to do its job. Batman could of helped out, and as long as rapists,murders, and evil exists in gotham Batman will always be "needed". A upsurd fantasy act cant stop muggers,murders,rapes,stealing and etc. It was those "small crimes" that cost Bruce his parents.
I never got the sense from the film that it was anything to do with Rachel, his quitting, it was about him being injured, about the cops being able to handle the job from now on, *and* the fact that the cops where after him now, as much of their resources would be spent on chasing him down, instead of the real crooks. Like what happened in TDKR, when Bane got away due to this.
and look at what happened in BB when they were after him just for being a vigilante, the cops were flipping out over the pancaked cop cars(poetry), so what would it be like night after night going after harvey's killer?

As Batman says in Year One, if he has to fight both the cops and the crooks, it's not a realistic proposition to do the job like that for long. Same goes here, as events in BB show us, he had to get some cops on his side, not possible after TDK.

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