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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
i know many won't like to hear this but The last stand didn't do any of the characters except wolverine any real justice and left the franchise with very little left in it, i mean cyclops and jean are dead, storm is the only original Xmen from the 3 films, and prof X could return, kitty could be in it, iceman and rogue, but colossus and angel barely did anything at all and kelsey grammer as beast may be difficult now they changed his look in first class which to go back and forth and remind general audiences that Fox can't make there minds up

and yeah maybe fans feel yeah they can bring jean and scott back and maybe could give colossus more developement ect ect but from the point of view of fox and singer, vaughn or whoever i don't know if they would really do something like that? these characters are not really important to casual audiences who may see the film, infact if they start undoing things and changing things back and forth at some point audiences will just give up on the films

and like i said i know saying this won't be popular and most will think its crap and yeah ok X4 can be done but realistically you would need a clean slate to start from, and pretty much also why i don't think any of the X3 characters will return for DOFP, esp with the horrible way X3 treated the characters and how vaughn and singer not really liking X3
As i said my belief Is It's very unlikely any actors from Last Stand who weren't In X-Men and X2 will be In DOFP and I doudt any reference will be made onscreen to film.They may even use time travel to do away with Last Stand.With as much as Hugh Jackman and James Mangold on going on about the Wolverine post The Last Stand It doesn't lool like Bryan Singer will outright Ignore Last Stand like Superman returns did to 3 and 4 like I thought
he might.

The Last Stand defently did more damage to franchise than Origins did.

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