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Default Re: What villains are left for a 4th film?

Originally Posted by Avangarde View Post
I liked the way IDW handled the Dinobots. They were a small science team hunting down Shockwave on earth during the Jurrasic period. They used a special bio-organic skin to coat them when they scanned the local populace. A fight ensured, and they all ended up trapped in a tar pit for millennia. During that time there organic skin corroded away to reveal the exo-skeletal frame, the look they kept when they were dug up in the 20th century. This could work on film.
I like that too. In Fall of Cybertron Grimlock and his team left their station to follow up on something during the last days of the war. They get ambushed, and captured by Shockwave, and his Insecticon army. Shockwave experiments on them to create the ultimate soldier. To achieve this he routes 95% of their power to combat related functions. Making thinking much harder for the Dinobots, whereas before they weren't idiots at the least.

Grimlock ends up fueling his transformation with rage from what Shockwave did to them, and from his difficulty grasping simple ideas. Their forms come from when older transformers explored our solar system before the war, and noted Earth looked ripe for energon. Shockwave studied their finds, and used the biggest, toughest forms from Earth at the time (dinosaurs). Shockwave during that time also discovers the spacebridge, and repairs it.

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