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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

From the trailer it looks like pepper gets kidnapped. And let's face it, Shane Black loves kidnapping characters in his scripts. It's kind of his thing.

So, either pepper gets the armour and is nevertheless captured. Which should appease people, for she clearly fails and hardly takes focus away from Tony and War Machine. Or she gets the armour somehow, and uses it to break free from her kidnapper/s. Which shouldn't make people too mad, for it is likely tony who delivers it to her, and she will probably just fly away, perhaps a few explosions in the background, before landing in safety elsewhere.

For simplicity's sake, i think the script will just see her getting captured due to tony being out of commission at a critical time. If rescue indeed happens, it will be to RESCUE pepper, perhaps with jarvis controlling the flight systems, all the while pepper is screaming and yelling at tony for rescuing her in such an extreme (albeit, thrilling) way.

Pepper: "What were you thinking!! I almost puked the suit!"
Tony: "I think I did okay!"

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