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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by Wolvieboy17 View Post
Well I can't see them banking too much hope on 7 more years of movies with a group of actors who are appearing older and older and probably aren't the keenest for a 7 year contract.
I don't think "age" is really a big issue. Look at Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise and Will Smith for example.

The box-office numbers of the original trilogy is still way better than the box-office numbers of Origins: Wolverine/First Class especially if you when you adjust the numbers. It shows that the casual viewers are more interested seeing the original cast. And to be honest, a X-Men 4 movie would earn so much money than a First Class movie with the younger version of Cyclops/Jean Grey. So there isn't really no harm in making a X-men 4 movie except for expecting the movie to be so huge at the box-office.

I get what you are saying about bringing all the original cast is a wishful thinking. I want FOX to continue the original series, but I don't want them to bring back Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Famke Jannsen, James Marsden (incase they make a good comeback story for him) and Rebecca Romijn. Some of them already died and I want X-Men to face new villains, to have new members in their team, I want the X-Men to move forward without Professor X leading them just like in the comics.

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