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Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
^ In a way, I would imagine so.

I doubt he'll be a rapist neo-Nazi, but I think they'll still keep him as a brutal, remorseless thug. A mercenary, perhaps.
But taking away some of his more brutal personality aspects would likely make him seem kind of bland. If he is a "remorseless thug" but never does anything that is truly evil, what do you have? A villain that has no sympathetic aspects, but is not scary either. If a villain doesn't have any sympathetic qualities, they should be scary, a truly evil villain. Red Skull in the last movie was not scary and his evil deeds paled in comparison with his comic book counterpart. If Crossbones hasn't have some sort of brutal edge that makes him terrifying, it seems like he would be another generic thug, that I would have no reason to care about.

Crossbones doesn't have to be a rapist persay, but he should do something really evil, not just be some generic thug who just tries to punch Captain America and does nothing else of note in the movie.

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