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Gary Griffith
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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

How about this:
Tony is on his bed reading through some file or tech book. We see an armored figure approaching the bedroom. Suspense! The bedroom door bursts open and the armored figure stands there menacingly. Tony looks stunned. The armored figure removes its
helmet and we see it's Pepper.

Pepper: So you ready for some role-playing?
Tony: (pause) I am so turned on right now!
Pepper: (smiles, shakes her head) I am so gonna hurt you little man
Tony smiles

Here we could give a nod to the Rescue fans who want to see Pepper/Gwyneth armored up and also have a fun joke at Tony/RDJ's narcissistic nature. Some guys would like to see their girlfriends dress up as a cheerleader or a French maid or a dominatrix, but Tony wants his girl to dress up as, figuratively, himself. Think it would be a funny scene.

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