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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

i think it's about time to introduce morrison's "super sanity " concept . i've always liked it. plus that way there's alot more freedom, so not just one , but several different interpretations of the character could be done all in the same movie. one scene he's the prankster, the other the killer, and it could branch out to all sorts of other ideas or interpretations we've seen(or new ones), like the suave, sharp dressed criminal mastermind, or just a disgruntled, homicidal, insane stand up comedian. hell, even the drag queen we see in ASHOSE or dark knight returns could fit in somewhere.

i just find the idea fascinating : underneath the clown persona, all the theatrics , pranks, humour, creativeness, etc. joker is just a blank, empty ,inhuman,emotionless, michael myers esque psychopath/sociopath with no real personality and, as ledger once described it brilliantly, "zero empathy", who just makes it up as he experiences the world around's actually extremely creepy to me.

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