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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
True; course you know, IF (and this is a bigger IF than something like Kristin Stewart being nominated for an Academy award and Oscar for best female actress) the JLA film was success..they would undoubtedly want sequels to it as if we had MOS 1 and 2 and even a JLA and WF film before MOS 3, what do we do about Superman's character in the sequels for JL? Do we then conclude his story there or what? This makes my head

If they're not using Cavil as Superman, then that would be a good thing for us since that would mean that they'd continue with MOS, unless Warner Bros. completely drops the MOS franchise in favor of focusing on JL, during which time, they'd risk having a bigger riot than the one that took place in Gotham City.
Damn right!

As for what to do for JL sequels, well it's again going to be the same problem as Iron Man's arc. Cause from the trailer it seems like IM3 is almost a conclusion to his arc, but of course he is going to be in IM3. I guess the only logical assumption is that his character will simply take a step back, and other characters 'arcs' will be more of a focus.

There is certainly more story to tell for Bruce Banner, and all the heroes that don't really have their own films to worry about. Focus on them in terms of actual character dilemmas, and just have Iron Man involved in a side character capacity.

Which i'd also be fine with for a JL sequel. If we get 3 awesome Superman movies, and a JL movies with Superman's arc still fairly central, i'd be happy to leave JL2's arc focus on someone like MM, GL, WW or Flash.

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